Unforgettably Delicious Cookies
Handmade Shortbread
Our dedicated artisan bakers follow small batch baking methods to handcraft and pack every cookie.
Premium Ingredients
We use only the finest premium quality ingredients that are all natural with no additives or preservatives, including creamy butter, luxurious Belgian chocolate, pure Canadian maple, velvety Dutch process cocoa and fresh nuts.
Quality Packaging
Our visual clear packaging and bold colours attract consumers to buy our delicious cookies. We package our cookies in attractive and giftable containers, including tins, gift boxes, cookie jars and clear containers.
Food Safety & FSMA
We are committed to the highest level of food safety and have a BRC food safety program to manage product safety, integrity, legality, quality and operations that meets FSMA requirements.
Canadian Made
Mary emigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1955, bringing her generations old family recipe with her. We continue to bake authentic, pure all-butter shortbread cookies from our family recipes and in Mary’s way.
Over 35 Years
Our delicious shortbread cookies have stood the test of time. We have been baking unforgettably delicious all-butter shortbread cookies since 1981.
Shortbread Flavours
A time-honoured classic, and where it all began for Mary. Not overly sweet, but buttery rich, delicate, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth.
Chocolate Crunch
Mary's signature cookie has crunchy, decadent, pure Belgian milk chocolate chips throughout.
Maple Crunch
With the rich taste of pure Quebec maple syrup and an addictive chewy crunch. It's a Canadian classic.
The deep, dark, authentic cocoa flavour comes from pure Dutch process cocoa, as well as milk and dark Belgian chocolate.
Gluten Free
Chocolate Crunch
Mary Macleod's new shortbread recipe is a light and crispy butter cookie baked with ground almonds, coconut flour and fine Belgian milk chocolate. And it's also Gluten Free! Made with nut flour.
Gluten Free
Our gluten free shortbread recipe is a light and crispy butter cookie baked with ground almonds, coconut flour and the finest natural ingredients.  Made with nut flour.
About Us
Staying true to Mary's legacy, we continue to bake authentic all-butter shortbread cookies from our family recipes. Our dedicated bakers use top quality ingredients and follow artisan small-batch methods. The result is unforgettably delicious cookies.